Testimony from a satisfied Dripping Bliss Client
“I feel more like a man, really, because I feel I learned what sex really is and how to please my wife. We often look at sex as just something we do but not from a spiritual perspective and how it can heal our lives and relationships. My wife and I connect on another level and I am more virile and feel so clear. Thanks Jamilla! What you do is so important.”

– Rob Burton

“I am still basking in the glow of my newly found femininity. The workshop was very informative, fun and enlightening I left there feeling more alive, sensual and freer than when I went in. It was awesome! I always thought that we (women) were a special creation now I know we are!” – Carolyn Martell“Jamilla helped me at a time in my life where I thought all was lost. I am happy I took the step to contact her. She was patient and real and had this intuitive power that most of the time I felt I didn’t even have to say much. Now I am so much more empowered and focused in my life as a mother and businesswoman. I even entered a new relationship. I found my power in being feminine and everyday I am growing thanks to the tools Jamilla gave me.”

– Monique Huston


“The things I learned about myself during the course of these sessions will forever change the way I view the world and its inhabitants. I fell in love with my power all over again. And I fell in love with magic. Not the magic that you see when you sit down in a theatre to watch Harry Potter 7.2, although…that magic is at times both fascinating and very much believable and, I dare say, even realistic at times…but when I say magic, I mean the way that the Universe, nature, our spirits, bodies, minds and emotions communicate and work together to facilitate ascension for everyone of us.

Jamilla was able to reach out to me and provide me with exactly what I needed because she speaks directly to your spirit. While you are talking, she is listening to the things that your “normal” words cannot reveal. Things that, though not coming across your tongue and lips, is somehow still very apparent to her. This is a gift she received; I’m sure, directly from the Divine. This is not a skill that you merely grab out of thin air, however, it is one that needs to be used often in order to be further developed and nurtured…and she definitely does just that.

After my coaching sessions, I am definitely more aware of the many different ways that we can both harm and/or heal ourselves. We have the power to be living dread-full lives, or bliss-full ones. Armed with my new tools, I am fully ready to create and embrace the latter.”

– Ayesha NuRa

“My experience with you is one I will always remember. Thank you for doing what you do so well!”
– Gary L.