Have you heard about them? They’ve become a lot more popular these days. It’s an ancient practice that was used by women royalty and priestesses. In my research it says that is was actually a secret practice. We are truly blessed as women to have knowledge of it now.

I am talking about “The Egg”

Women that use an egg know that it is just one of those things that take her from being ordinary to extraordinary.   They experience the magic that comes with it.  Not in theory but true and living results.

So what exactly is “The Egg” and what is the big deal.

People refer to them as different names. You may see tantric egg, yoni egg, vaginal egg, jade egg.

They are used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles which hold up the pelvic organs and tighten the vagina, vaginal weight lifting so to speak. Pelvic organs include the bladder, uterus, cervix, urethra, vagina, intestines and rectum.  Many women see issues of pelvic organ prolapse. This happens when the muscles that hold your pelvic organs in place get weak. This most commonly happens in women that have given birth or have had surgery, even aging women. Other cases have been seen in overweight women and women who do continuous heavy lifting and intense repetitive activity such as CrossFit.

Pelvic prolapse is when a pelvic organ such as the bladder drops from its normal place and pushes against the walls of the vagina.  Some women even see organs pushing through their vagina.  This causes pain, hormonal and sexual dysfunction. It is usually treated with hysterectomy.

The egg is a solution to this because not only are you doing kegels which doctors recommend to strengthen the muscles, but you also add the weight of the egg to give you more resistance. Kegels alone are not enough. When you strengthen the muscles there is little chance of prolapse.  The egg also provides other benefits at the same time.

They are gemstones carved into an egg shape of usually 3 different sizes, small medium large. The gemstones are said to carry different properties that help women with many different things like courage, healing heartache, clarity, attracting love. They can also pull toxins from the body. The most popular egg gemstone sold currently is Jade. With my experience of using it and recommending it for women it has been the safest, non toxic and works well to balance the feminine energy in women. It is great for clarity, overall healing and balancing. The energy is not overbearing.  If you are ever unsure in which gemstone to choose when selecting an egg Jade is the go to choice.

I have seen “magical” results in my life like balancing and attracting love. Other women swear by the egg and it helping them achieve certain goals such as emotional and physical healing. The health benefits are a given.

The eggs also help with lubrication issues. It also increases sensation and orgasmic potential because it is pulling everything together, allowing you to become more sensitive through the attention given to this area and helping to pull out and heal any trauma that may be stored in your vagina and womb.  The sensations are heightened during love making.

How to use the egg

Upon receiving place egg I boiled water for about 15 minutes. Let cool. Insert fat end first and kegel with the egg in. you can where it if it is not falling out  your day. If it falls out as soon as you put it in try lying down and squeezing your muscles repetitiously. Here is a youtube video I did a while back.

“Yoni eggs can be used during meditation, while sitting down watching television or doing work, or while walking around doing every day activities. It’s all about experimenting and knowing what’s right for you.  These eggs will help a woman become more aware of her vagina and to connect her mind to her genitals for greater experiences during sex.” BlackDoctor.org

What size to get

I recommend medium for all women. As you become more proficient in your practice you can go smaller. Many eggs are drilled and you can attach another egg to it or a weight for more resistance.

Where to get it

I have Jade eggs in stock in my store

This is definitely a tool that will assist in taking you from being an ordinary woman to a goddess. It is good to know different ways to be healed and healthy.

Get your egg here.





I remember one time looking at my partner and saying “Wow I’m afraid of him.” Not afraid because of the type of person he is, or that I felt he would harm me but I was afraid of him because I loved him.

Loving someone can be scary. It puts you in a vulnerable and seemingly fragile place. It takes a lot of courage to love especially if you’ve experienced some heartache and pain in your life.

So I looked at him and what had been playing subconsciously for me suddenly was crystal clear. I am afraid of him because he has the potential to break my heart.

So I had to make the decision to guard my heart with cold walls or allow myself the joy that loving someone brings and deal with the fears as they come.

You see it’s easier to just keep someone out than to face fear or be accountable for our own emotions and how we react to them as they come up in relationships. It takes strength to allow someone in to you because you think they may uncover your flaws and reject you for them.

You play all kinds of games and jump through all kinds of hoops for your partner to “see” you so they will just love you, so they will always behave and never hurt you. You resent them for holding so much control over your heart. You resent them for having to prove yourself. You resent them for your feeling that you have to be that “perfect” woman. Don’t we all marvel when we feel we have found a person where we feel we can just be ourselves?

You secretly hate your partner because of your unhealed issues of mistrust, disappointment, self esteem, abuse, self-neglect, and abandonment.

It’s just not a good space to be to feel that your happiness and sanity are based on someone else’s actions. The only way to be free from this is to diligently work on comforting your heart and allowing yourself safety within your body and mind.  You will have to have a sense of detachment. This detachment I speak of is not a protection wall or not letting yourself “fall to deep thing.” It’s a sense of peace that you can return too no matter what happens in your life and knowing you are safe and free to just be and show up how you want and need to be because you can always come back to that peace.

When you have this sense of peace and this way of moving about you, you will just attract circumstances that bring you more joy and that seem to serve you.

In addition to having a state of peace you will develop a sense of confidence that is unshakable. No things or no one will be able to move you from this confidence because it was not given by them. Confidence gives you an inner strength. Confidence makes you undeniably attractive. Confidence also gives you focus.  The focus on you and what more you need to do for your personal empowerment.

I’ve developed a worksheet of some things you can do today to get in that space of confidence.  Get it here.