Jamilla Manigault is the founder/owner of Dripping Bliss Sensual Healing Services. Jamilla is an author, life coach, sexual health educator, and healer.


Jamilla has spent more than 10 years of her life learning under the best doctors, health researchers and experts providing her with great knowledge of the mind, body, spirit and wellness needs of humans.

With her countless hours of research Jamilla coaches and has coached many around the world to create better, sexy lives for themselves.

Her extensive training in meditation, chi gong, sexual and spiritual arts, herbs, ritual arts and coaching provides her clients and customers with trusted, accurate and successful information, tools and techniques for living fulfilled lives. 

She is at the top of her field, and has an incredible gift for coaching and guiding people towards creating the lives they desire. Jamilla specializes in consulting clients in discovering the beauty that they have within. She has helped thousands of women and men, young and old, across the globe to transform their lives by embracing a holistic and balanced lifestyle.


She is available for conducting workshops, panel discussions, and special events. Her expertise, passion and interactive style add a powerful and unique dynamic to any event. Be sure to book her services for your next event.



Jamilla teaching how to move sexual energy for internal healing