Self-love is one of the most cliché concepts but also one of the most difficult to obtain. In the age of social media, it can be quite the challenge finding and maintaining your own sense of beauty and self-worth. Especially if you’ve already been having a hard time with this concept.

It seems there is a constant competition of ‘better than yours’ that leaves many with a consistent feeling that they are not enough. A feeling that there is some standard they need to uphold, to be accepted by the outside world. And if they are accepted by said outside world, then & only then, they can accept themselves.


The problem with this type of thinking, is that it is inherently flawed. It can & will create a perpetual toxic cycle, of trying to fit ever-changing standards. You escape this cycle by creating non-negotiable self-love. This is something that has to be revisited Everyday. Here are 5 ways to fall deeply in love with yourself, Everyday, and create non-negotiable self-love:


1. Take a break: Look in the mirror at least twice a day and tell yourself, “You are so beautiful. And you create exactly what you need, and receive all that you want. Wow! Look how magical you are! I love you sooo much.”

2. Be appreciative: In the middle of the day or before bed, write something down that you really appreciate about yourself. It can even be something that you accomplished that day, or in the past. 

3. Smile: This goes a long way and makes you feel internally well. Even if you are not in the best of moods, this switches that up for you, and makes you feel more vibrant and magnetic.

4. Be healthy: Even if your diet is not the best, eat something healthy everyday. And Drink more water than you did the previous day. 

5. Move: Wine your waist and hips. If you work during the day, sneak away to the bathroom and move your waist, your pelvis, & hips in a circle. Even drop it down low, if you are so moved to.

All of these actions; If done consistently, create habits of attention to self. This sends messages to your spirit that you care about yourself. This creates self-love and also shows others that you value yourself. You will feel the beginning of a natural flow being created and you will feel good. A good that cannot be disturbed.

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